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Work In Progress

Because everything start with an idea

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Welcome to
Work In Progress

Everybody is welcome here: digital or traditionnal artists, illustrator, graphic designer, webdesigner, animators, sculptor, 3D artists... even writers and musicians! No discrimination is made on the style, experience or skill levels. Spectators are weelcome too but please try to comment on other people's work if you can't post your own. An active community is much more interesting than a dead one!

The main purpose of this community is to help it's member improve and/or get help on specific aspects of WIP (visual or technical things such as printing.)
If you choose to post here, expect critics. If you can't take them, mention it clearly in your post or find another community.


Because all groups need rules to insure a stable and friendly environnement for everyone.

-All pictures or long text must be put under an LJ cut. You can either post them directly in the community or as a link redirecting to your journal or website.

-Please consider people on dial-up (yes, there's still some, me included) when posting images and keep them of decent size. Most people hate to scroll to view a picture anyway so think screen-sized. If you need to show details, you can do close-ups.

-Keep on topic. This community is dedicated to work-in-progress, please keep that in mind when posting. This doesn't mean you can't post near finished works or show us the final result of a WIP you posted here.

-Please post all your pictures in a single post when possible to avoid flooding.

-Do I really need to mention no bashing, flamming or other hostile behavior?

-Mature content is accepted in the limits of legality. You MUST include a Mature Content warning to you post.

-I encourage you to use tags. As this community is fairly new, the tag list is limited but I will add more as the need come.

-Of course, all your posted here is the property of it's creator. If you want to use material you see here, ASK.

-When you first join this community, you are invited to introduce yourself.


Q: How do I make a lj-cut? / What is a lj-cut?
A: Check this LiveJournal section to learn what is a lj-cut and how to use it.

Q: How can I post a picture here?
A: First, you'll need to find a host for you picture. I use Photobucket.com but there's many more free hosts out there. You can host your work on DeviantArt who accept both pictures and text but please note that DA don't allow direct linking (you'll need to post a link to your DA page) or use your private server if you have one (but if you do, you probably already know how to post a picture!).

Once you've uploaded your picture somewhere, use HTML to create a link to your file or include it in your post. I'm not here to teach anyone how to use basic HTML, look it up on Google.